Filtration Products

A Superior Filtration Solution: Green, Durable and Economical
Thanks to the integration of our patented air filtration technologies into a 3-D configured membrane, NovekoTM filters have demonstrated their superior effectiveness. Our products have a longer life and are more energy efficient than other air filter models. Because they cause less air restriction, they require less power from ventilation motors. They are also cleanable and recyclable, significantly reducing the number of filters used and the costs associated with their replacement and the elimination of waste. The incorporation of antimicrobial agents into the fibres of our filters protects them against deterioration due to the action of microorganisms and accounts for their cleanability and durability. An ideal solution for any user in connection with a sustainable development strategy.

Air Filters for Institutional, Commercial and Residential Buildings
We demonstrated we offer an ideal solution for any sustainable building project and achieved significant advances in the North American, European and Asian real estate markets. NovekoTM air filters are now used in healthcare institutions, institutional and commercial buildings as well as private homes. The energy savings and the reduction in filtration waste arising from the use of our filtration solutions make them particularly important advantages for building owners seeking to obtain the certifications recognizing responsible environmental management and the design and construction of sustainable buildings.

Air Filters for Farm Buildings
The swine industry was to first to adopt our air filters following studies by the University of Minnesota and the University of Montreal that have demonstrated the effectiveness of our antimicrobial filtration technologies against airborne pathogens including the Pork Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV). There are also opportunities to adapt our technologies for other farm environments, including the poultry industry, and so reduce the incidence of other illnesses. Farmers now recognize that changes are needed in the area of production planning to ensure that a sustainable management model is implemented. In this respect, our new-generation filtration solutions are recommended by veterinarians as a key feature of bio-safety programs. Easily adaptable to building structures, our solutions feature the advantage of eliminating most of the costs related to their installation.

Air Filters for Rail Transportation
Attesting to the growing interest in our technologies, we have notably concluded a partnership agreement with a global leader in the manufacture and maintenance of rail vehicles. After a series of conclusive tests, we also started selling our filters to an important railway operator. The superior performance of our filters, the energy and cost savings associated with their use, along with their “green” aspect are particularly valued characteristics in this industry.

Air Filters for the Aeronautics Market
Following Transport Canada’s grant of a Supplemental Type Certificate (or “STC”) for the Airbus A330 Fleet, we started commercializing our filters in the aeronautics market. Sold under the Noveko IDPTM brand, their filtration performance and their useful life 1.7 times superior to traditional filters are exceptional. Our antimicrobial technologies, which protect the filters against the deterioration caused by microorganisms, combined with our anti-odour technologies enable airline companies to provide their passengers and employees with better air quality.

We have obtained patents for our antimicrobial air filtration technologies in the USA, Canada and in several other countries. The technologies are patent pending in further jurisdictions.


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