We began in 2002 as a private company specializing in the design, development and marketing of real-time ultrasound scanners for use in both human and animal medicine.

In February 2004, we were listed on the TSX Venture Exchange through a reverse take-over. Later the same year, we acquired our then principal competitor, the French company S.A.S. E.C.M. (“ECM”).

Over the following four years, we completed several further acquisitions in order to grow and diversify into an international business focused primarily on the medical and environmental fields.

In April 2006, we acquired Bolduc Leroux Inc. (“BLI”), a company specializing in steel processing and distribution. BLI held the intellectual property rights to an antimicrobial filtration technology for filters and face masks, which were subsequently transferred to Noveko Inc. As a result, we were able to penetrate the environmental and personal health protection markets related to our antimicrobial filtration technology. We have since divested our ownership in BLI whose operations no longer fitted with our growth strategy.

In 2007, we acquired Laboratoire SyMa Inc. ("SyMa"), a company specializing in the commercialization of hand sanitizers then marketed under the AzuroTM brand - now sold under the Microban® brand name, whose activities have since been integrated with those of Noveko.

In 2008, we acquired a company then specialized in the design and manufacturing of air quality systems, including air exchangers. In December 2013, this company, now named, Noveko Filtration Inc., sold its assets connected with the manufacturing of air quality systems to focus on its air filtration activities.

In August 2008, we acquired Purer Life Technology Co., Ltd. (“Purer Life”), a Taiwanese manufacturer that already acted as our supplier of filtration fabric. In addition to its patented 3-D filter technology, Purer Life holds an extensive portfolio of intellectual property rights with numerous potential applications. In late 2008, we also created Noveko Trading to support the distribution of Noveko products in international markets.

In 2004, our shares ceased trading on the TSX Venture Exchange and were listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (the “TSX”) in July 2008. In August 2013, our shares were delisted from the TSX in reason of the default of the Corporation to comply with TSX’s maintaining listing requirements.