We operate both our own facilities and rely upon trusted cost competitive partners with the requisite expertise to adapt their production to our technologies.

Noveko combines the use of its own facilities and contracts with external partners for the production of its antimicrobial filtration products, surgical masks and respirators, and hand sanitizers.

We are committed to producing high quality products. Manufacturing and assembly processes for our existing line of ultrasound scanners is already ISO certified. Our goal is to attain, directly or indirectly, ISO process certification for all products, including those manufactured by independent partners.

Furthermore, we exercise strict quality control standards over the manufacturing of our products at both owned facilities and at plants operated by trusted partners through our regulatory, quality assurance and technical operations teams. We also retain the intellectual property rights for our antimicrobial filtration technologies at all times.

“We have built a manufacturing network that allows us to maintain high quality while meeting demand and keeping our overall costs competitive. It requires the right mix of proprietary infrastructure and strategic partnerships.”

Alain Bolduc, President and COO, Noveko International Inc.