Mission and Vision


Noveko International (“Noveko”) is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of both humans and animals with our innovative environmental and medical solutions.


Our goal is to become the recognized global leader in the design and commercialization of antimicrobial products and health solutions for use in the human and animal fields. Our products, derived primarily from our patented antimicrobial technologies, including air filters, surgical masks and respirators, are designed to improve air quality and enhance protection from pathogens. Our world class expertise and reputation for innovative, high quality products also positions us to increase our presence in the high growth animal and human ultrasound scanner markets.


Our growth strategy focuses on the global, sustainable commercialization of our antimicrobial technologies and the development of new innovative applications. We are also developing market opportunities for our line of antimicrobial hand sanitizers while increasing our penetration of the high growth markets for ultrasound scanners for use in both animal and human medicine.

In the last few years, we have completed a number of acquisitions to enhance our antimicrobial development capabilities and facilitate the commercialization of our products in global markets. We continue to actively seek further technology, product, market and distribution synergies from these acquisitions.

Another important part of our strategy is to develop new manufacturing and distribution partnerships to expand our global coverage and complement our existing proprietary and independent network. This supports our long-term strategy of licensing production activities to qualified independent firms, enabling Noveko to apply its capital resources more efficiently and focus on the commercialization of its innovative technologies.


In order to achieve our vision and implement our strategy effectively, we are dedicated to meeting the expectations of our clients, our shareholders, our partners and our employees. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity while striving for exceptional quality in our products and our work. We are committed to encouraging and supporting innovation in all aspect of our business. Above all, we are focused on ensuring a focus on converting ideas into tangible results.

“It’s from a dream that a vision emerges. Without vision, the horizon will be limited. The types of products offered by the company are also essential to the realization of the vision. In our case, our innovative solutions are for products destined for the global market. This ensures our long term growth.”

André Leroux, Chairman and CEO, Noveko International Inc.