Our innovative cutting-edge environmental and medical products are designed to enhance human and animal health and well-being.

While still in the early stages of commercialization, we believe our patented antimicrobial air filtration productssurgical masks and respirators have enormous potential in untapped and new markets.

Increased awareness among governments, institutions and the general public about the risks of infection from airborne bacteria and viruses has hastened the search for effective solutions to protect both humans and animals.

The superior quality and demonstrated effectiveness of our technologies against airborne pathogens have precipitated growing interest worldwide in our antimicrobial air filters and masks.

Complementing our antimicrobial filters and masks, is our complete line of antiseptic hand sanitizers marketed under the Microban® brand.

In the medical field, ECM is a leader in the design and marketing of high-end real-time ultrasound scanners for use in human and animal medicine.