Ultrasound Scanners

Through our subsidiary ECM, we develop and market high quality real-time ultrasound scanners for use in human and animal medicine. ECM is a recognized leader in the swine market and also enjoys an excellent position in the bovine, ovine and caprine market, thanks in part to its exclusive distribution network for veterinary products in more than 55 countries.

In June 2008, ECM launched its high-end competitively priced Imagyne™ ultrasound scanner for use in human medicine. The scanner has been approved for CE Marking paving the way for sale in most countries in Europe. It has also received Health Canada approval. Furthermore, ECM has made substantial progress in setting up an exclusive network of distributors for its Imagyne™ scanners and is well positioned to penetrate the human medicine market especially in obstetrics, gynecology and vascular medicine. The Imagyne™ scanner has also been designed for use in animal medicine, notably for pets, a new market for ECM.

In October 2008, ECM launched the V-Scan™ ultrasound scanner, a light, compact and competitively-priced unit completing the line of ultrasound scanners for use in animal medicine and targeting breeders of small and medium-sized swine herds. With the V-Scan™ and well-known Agroscan™ lines, ECM offers the largest suite of ultrasound scanners in the veterinary medicine market.

In January 2010, ECM initiated the marketing of the Exago™, another high-end ultrasound scanner. Initially intended for veterinarians, especially in the equine market and subsequently for the pets market, this ultrasound scanner which has been approved for CE marking in November 2010 is now intended for use in human medicine, notably for emergency, anaesthesia and army needs. With the Exagyne™, as it were the portable version of the Imagyne™, ECM will offer a complete line of ultrasound scanners responding to various clinical applications in the human medicine market. Its launch is expected shortly. The network of exclusive distributors for the human medicine market now extends to more than 30 countries. 

ECM has received ISO 9001 and 13485 certification in place with respect to the design, manufacturing and distribution of its ultrasound scanners.

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