Masks and Respirators

NovekoTM patented technologies incorporate advanced antimicrobial agents into surgical masks and respirators, preventing the growth of a broad spectrum of micro organisms. The masks and respirators derived from our technologies are designed with advanced filtration materials and a natural feel fabric allowing the wearer to use the device comfortably for extended periods while providing superior antimicrobial protection.

  • The antimicrobial agents are incorporated directly into the fibers of the masks and respirators
  • Each layer of material contains antimicrobial agents
  • The masks and respirators are designed to provide superior particulate, aerosol and antimicrobial protection while ensuring easy breathability
  • Tests performed in independent laboratories have demonstrated the efficacy of the NovekoTM antimicrobial masks and respirators in blocking and neutralizing many airborne pathogens

As a result, we believe that the masks and respirators derived from our patented antimicrobial filtration technologies surpass the performance of most masks currently on the market. We are also confident that increased governmental, institutional and public awareness as to the importance of infection control will further stimulate demand for masks and respirators with unique antimicrobial properties.

Certifications and Approvals

Health Canada has already issued a Medical Device Establishment Licence permitting the distribution of our surgical masks and respirators in Canada.

In addition, we have been authorized to affix the CE marking on our surgical masks for distribution in the European Community.

We have also obtained patents for our antimicrobial air filtration technologies in the USA, Canada and other countries. The technologies are patent pending in several further jurisdictions.

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