Products and Operations

We offer innovative solutions in the environmental and medical fields worldwide. We design, manufacture, commercialize and distribute air filtration productssurgical masks and respirators derived mainly from our patented antimicrobial filtration technologies, as well as complementary products including hand sanitizers, and real-time ultrasound scanners for use in human and animal medicine.

We manufacture our products at both our owned facilities and through independent qualified third party manufacturers who are leaders in their markets. Partners manufacture and assemble our surgical masks, respirators and hand sanitizers. Our subsidiaries Purer Life and Epurair manufacture filtration products at their existing facilities. Our subsidiary, ECM, produces ultrasound scanners at its plant in France.

We continue to further develop and strengthen our global sales and distribution network by partnering with independent distributors and by expanding our proprietary network in strategically significant geographical markets.

“To compete with established players, we have to do things differently. We have to be lean. We have to be fast. And we have to be smart.”

Alain Bolduc, President and COO, Noveko International Inc.