Sales and Distribution

We engage in direct marketing activities and partner with trusted distributors who have the requisite knowledge, expertise and experience in their sectors and market locations.

Our strategy is to focus on building our distributor network with trusted partners while strengthening our direct marketing capabilities in strategically important areas.

A key element of our growth strategy is to attract the right partners for marketing our patented antimicrobial air filtration technologies to the filter and mask sectors, as well as for marketing our hand sanitizers. Among other arrangements, we have distribution agreements in place to market antimicrobial filters to the farming and transportation industries. We have also concluded agreements to market antimicrobial masks and hand sanitizers in various countries. We also continue to pursue further distribution arrangements with suitable partners in potential new markets and for new applications.

ECM has an exclusive distribution network in 55 countries for its ultrasound scanners for use in animal health. It is now also finalizing the establishment of an exclusive network for the distribution of portable ultrasound scanners in human medicine. This network now extends to 35 countries.

Sales and Distribution

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For information on becoming a distributor or reseller, please contact us.